Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the anger of
adversary is a temporary fixation
reeling and repealing what must come to surface
until a validation of understanding
moulds a confidant closure
that is eternally sprung from the issue at hand

Monday, October 11, 2010

the squire
the spire
perched along the mire

greeting with globules
hands in half hallowing
where they land
and accrue
is the start of things anew

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

swent orthagrimnaities
ocular pagination ghent a rut ruptured

i feel more toward and from the world by identifying (empathizing) with more and more of its parts

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our bodies may seem mortal, but the patterns of biology and chemical function within each of us have grown and evolved over not millions, but billions of years, or since the origins of life on this planet at least. Also, our shared habits, behaviours and demeanours have developed through the countless centuries of our species' known and unknown histories.

The present moment is the culmination of everything that ever was, leaving us no choice put to be constantly amidst the moment at hand.

Friday, July 16, 2010


what a hole the sky is
on top of it all
without the words of mandate
a heighty and relished point of few
it's what i've ever said
waiting for that jump start throttle
to throw me a bottle
felt like black space glare without
walls or hair
a glass neck handle with
exclusive intentions with what's
under way and at hand
out of my league and under
the water
ooooh what a hole of a restless.. a breastless heart
yes yes.. taste this
had a dance today.. it was highschool.. five o'clock.. winter.. october.. whatever
it was today and it was still yesterday in the morning
so i got up.. stretched a neck.. never my own.. at least hopefully not
grabbed the facts from the folder
weighing each hand on a handle

something really really touched me
i mean it touched me
so i said don't touch me, just wave or nod or take a sip
so anyways, i'm home again and feel like myself
now that i'm set in my ways, keeping my eyes open behind my hands
but it's good to see you.. and my have your kids grown
but i have to go
i have an appointment
i have a problem with you fidgeting
and every little whisper
from your boat to your thighs
a story outside
stay inside to play.
ah what a laugh
a licking smack laugh
what a raft
olden mold
am i allowed?
what's a word you've never heard
and i'll touch it
no... even better...
that's better.
what a waste of size
what a shame
you still there?
keep close behind me
here's my hand for keeps
but give it back after that
we're here